Take your brand to the next level!

Are you the decision maker of your company?

Sales, customers, bookings, orders, and football are words that act as music to our ears. I’m a decision-maker myself, thus I can relate to your feelings.

What is the one thing that is stopping us from getting to the next level?

It is not your competition, not your pricing, not the services, but it is really the lack of trust amongst your target group.

What is really stopping their trust is that your product is not reaching out to your target group on a regular basis.

They need to see your product day and night and not just your product and pricing.

They should see what the experience of your product is like and how it can transform their lives. Thus, we at Sales For Brands help you to take your branding and sales needs to the next level.

We have a 3 stage process. The first stage is the trust stage. In the trust stage, we come to your location, shoot videos of you while interviewing you, your employees, the process, and your customers.

We will be making 4 YouTube videos on a monthly basis and through those YouTube videos we’ll be creating several blogs, podcasts, 500+ post content and we’ll manage your social media.

This will ensure that your customers regularly keep seeing the effects of your product or services on other people’s lives and thus they’ll come to you, enquire about you and your branding.

Thus your customers’ trust level will increase.

In the second stage we’ll be running conversion ads and several other things to get a return of your investment.

The third stage is the scaling stage, in which we involve a tele-calling team. They are professional closers that can close deals for you.

They build a deeper connection with your customers and automate your sales process altogether. These 3 stages are entirely different and independent of each other

The next question that people usually ask is what is the pricing. The pricing depends on three factors for any service industry for that matter.

One is the quality of resources, second is the number of resources, and third is how much time these resources are spending on your project.

If your price goes anywhere lower, something is compromised, which will compromise on your delivery time and your delivery quality.

If you want to understand what is the appropriate amount of package that we should have for your brand, click on the link below and just share a few details with us.

Me and my team will do some research on your brand to find out currently at what stage it is and what are some lucrative strategies to take your brand to the next level, before we connect over a call.

P.s. We’ve worked with brands like Puma, MI, Calvin Klein, Cred, Practo, Brentwood Group, Adani, One Plus, Jockey, Asian Paints, Tata Sky, Yep Me, Avathi, Himalaya and would love to work with you!

Talk to you soon!

Kshitij Doval
Founder and CEO of Sales For Brands
Kshitij Doval has been awarded with Best in Entrepreneurial Abilities
by the CEO of Luxor group.

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